Monday, February 8, 2010

Comments on "Tibetan Himalyan Library" 9 F 2010 Seminar

1) Unsworth, 2001, “Knowledge Representation in Humanities Computing”

I wonder if I am missing something here? – digital humanities scholarship is just a hugely different scale than humanities scholarship as it has existed since the Greeks and before? And therefore it opens up and makes newly possible untold and unexpected insights, relationships, and patterns, through a much, much larger set of knowledge resources?

2) The Tibetan and Himalayan Library (Web Site)

What have been the major hurdles in developing the Tibetan Himalayan Digital Library? And what are the ongoing problems or concerns? As mentioned, this ‘library’ is much more than a library – and it is opened out and ongoing – unlike the static envelope which the Shadow and Rossetti evolved into and shut down. Why the different approach, and will it hold for future generations?

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