Monday, February 1, 2010

3. Hypertexting Humanities into the future

Much of this third week focuses on hypertext and the past and future of digital humanities - what is there beside hypertext? Will there ever be a way that Projects such as Shadows and Rosetti will not have to spend so much time on updating, re-formating, reorganizing, adjusting to new forms, ways, and programs - like Wordpress allows you to adjust your theme and change all within the blog or web site (or allow users to see the same information in the way they wish)? Might gaming or some such way to look at scholarly projects be a solution? Also, what solutions might there be so that Projects do not have to be finalized, completed, but remain infinitely open (but who will take on that task? or could it remain open forever like the Hypertext Hotel, without any moderator, artist, controller)?  What is the future of digital humanities - will Shanti succeed and lead the way?

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