Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2.15.2010 pm9k

About Palmer's 2004 article -
How do thematic collections differ from a library's selected sections? Don't thematic collections have the drawback that they provide and collocate only a limited and highly selected and privileged set of information resources that are available in scattered and richer resources in libraries, etc? What good or us is it to digitize and duplicate a selected set of resources around one theme, if most scholars are not going to use it to produce exciting, new scholarship and (digital) documents? What if I'm not interested in any of the themes of the scholarly thematic collections developed so far?

Princeton Dante Project web site (2002?)
What's in a name? Why calling it Princeton Dante Project, instead of something like Dante's Inferno? Or should things be called, for eg. Virginia's Rossetti Project or Virginia's Blake project? Why the branding? My wonderful tutorial also stopped working.

World of Dante
As others have said, this is a much better site than PDP. Why did they decide on this interface - what were the other options? But how about a more pleasant woman's voice for the guide?

Old World of Dante site
As with others, there are some nice things about this older site. What was the process or transition from this to the new site - what were the most important considerations?

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