Monday, March 1, 2010

3.2.2010 pm9k computer is a metaphor

The readings and websites this week (Mind is a metaphor) take me to a middle ground between complex and static websites (Blake, Rossetti, etc) and web sites that continue to evolve, especially based on contributions by anyone, adding and 'teaching' web sites or the machine, closing in on gaming software and artificial intelligence programs. All three types of web sites perhaps have their own uses and purposes (static, growing, and evolving / learning). Some of the ways to construct databases and develop interfaces seem fairly simple, others seem huge and very complex. Some might be developed by individuals; others need teams of people, changing and evolving over time. Pasanek and others provide a good example of how computers might be used and taught to do some complex functions fairly quickly, which would otherwise (without computers) take huge amounts of time. Computers can be used as appendages to our minds.

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